This is an ongoing project to create abstract representations of various New York City locales using Intentional Camera Movement.

JFK International Airport

JFK International Airport

Expansions in the ways we communicate and share information, particularly via social media, have made us prone to micro-documentation and oversharing. We show where we're standing, who we're with, what we're eating—all under the guise of connecting to one another. It seems that the more of these moments we share, the smaller the overall impact becomes. The more we archive, the more we lose.

These pieces represent the disconnect that can take place between the moments we experience and the moments we choose to capture. They are the things we miss when our focus is elsewhere. They are all captured in less than a second, which is a testament to how fleeting time can be. Typically, a photograph is something used to answer questions of who, what, where, and when The images in this project are stripped of this information, reducing them to streaks of color.

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