Abstract.NYC - Photography by DeShaun A. Craddock


This project began in April 2012, to create abstract representations of various New York City locales using Intentional Camera Movement. The project was completed December 27, 2015, with a final count of 120 images.

Expansions in the ways we communicate and share information, particularly via social media, have made us prone to micro-documentation. We show where we're standing, who we're with, what we're eating—all under the guise of connecting to one another. It seems that the more of these moments we share, the smaller the overall impact becomes. The more we archive, the more we lose.

These pieces represent the disconnect that can take place between the moments we experience and the moments we choose to capture. They are the things we miss when our focus is elsewhere. Typically, photos are used to give info on where and when. The images in this project are stripped of this information, reducing them to streaks of color.

Each photo in this project was created by moving the camera while the shutter is open. All of the images are created in a second or less, an  exaggeration of what can be missed in an instant.

The title of each piece is the only tie to where it was created. In addition to the galleries below, you can also check out the images in chronological order on tumblr, as well as on Google's Open Gallery at http://abstract.nyc

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these paintings?

No. Each image is a digital photograph.

What are they supposed to be?

The images are abstract, so they do not have a defined subject. Each one was created in the location it is named for.

Where did you take them?

While I remember the exact location where some of the images were made, I deliberately do not record this information. On the tumblr page, clicking the title of each image will point you to a Google map of the neighborhood.

How do you make them?

I use a technique called Intentional Camera Movement.

Do you post-process the images?

Yes. I make exposure and contrast adjustments to every image. However, I do not add any motion or blurring in post-production; that is done in-camera. All images have been processed using Adobe Lightroom.

What camera do you use?

Over the course of the project, I used 4 cameras, all Nikon: D7000, D600, D610, D750.

Feel free to browse the galleries below, and contact me if you have any questions.

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